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LevelK at Gothenburg IFF / NFM

We will be attending Gothenburg FF and NFM, with films in several section and in the market.


Titles include:

The Swedish action drama EXODUS, which will open and compete in the Nordic Section at Gothenburg FF, where it will also have its world premiere. This current title portray the relationship between a young refugee girl and a smugler, who is trying to help her get to a safe country, while also finding her parents and sister, whom she got separated from while fleeing. The film is directed by Abbe Hassan (Gold) and produced by Mattias Nohrborg (I am Zlatan) and Anna-Klara Carlsten (Thunder in my heart).

Our new acquisition FOUR LITTLE ADULTS, which will world premiere in the Big Screen Competition in IFF Rotterdam and is also selected in the Nordic Competition in Gothenburg FF. The film is a modern love story about a couple who venture into a polyamorous relationship and is faced with the challenges it creates when the new rules are explored. The title is directed by Selma Vilhunen (Little Wing/Stupid Young Heart) and produced by Venla Hellstedt & Elli Toivoniemi (Games People Play).

THE KISS our Danish period drama about an officer having to make some hard choices concerning love and his career, will be screened in the Gala Section at Gothenburg FF. The film is directed by the Oscar and Palme d’or awarded director Bille August (Pelle the Conqueror) and has a strong cast including Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards) and David Dencik (No Time To Die).

The satirical Danish drama THE CAKE DYNASTY about a suicidal cake factory owner, who tries to revive his business with the help of his cleaning lady, which does not sit well with his family. The film is directed by first time feature director Christian Lollike and is starring Nicolas Bro (Riders of Justice) the film has already received great reviews after its local Danish premiere.

Selected for the Work-In-Progress section:
We have our upcoming (post-production) Icelandic crime thiller COLD, which will be part of the Work In Progress section in Gothenburg FF. This Nordic Noir drama centers on an investigator, who investigates decades old deaths at a juvenile treatment centre, which begins to have ties to his ex-wife's mysterious suicide, as well as his teenage daughter's strange behaviour. The film is directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen (The Piper) and produced by Heather Millard (Band) and Sigurjón Sighvatsson (Wild at Heart).

Market Screenings will include:

DANCING QUEEN, is our Norwegian family title, which is selected for Berlinale Generation Kplus competition. This upbeat film centers on a girl who enters a dance competition, to grab the attention of a boy she likes...only problem, she can't dance. The film is directed by Aurora Gossé and produced by Thomas Robsahm (The Worst Person in the World).

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Gothenburg IFF / NFM line-up



  • Drama / 102 min / Sweden / 2023

Two worlds collide when Sam, 40, a professional smuggler of people, reluctantly saves Amal, a 14-year-old girl whose whole family has gone missing in the Syrian war.  Amal believes her sisters are on their way to Sweden so she sets out on a journey to find them.  Sam hesitates but is troubled by the thought of leaving the girl alone in a no-mans land and gets dragged in.  This will be the beginning of an unexpected, strong, warm and crazy friendship on a journey that will change their lives forever.

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The Kiss

The Kiss

  • Drama / 110 min / Denmark / 2022

Period drama set in 1913 in Denmark where Anton, a noble and conscientious young man whose top priority, is to complete his training as a cavalry officer. During a training session he orders his platoon to help Baron von Løvenskjold and finds himself invited to a ball at the castle where he meets the Baron’s beautiful daughter Edith who has been in an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. She is miserable, but lights up when it turns out that Anton treats her as if she was like the rest of the guests and not bound to a wheelchair. Anton feels a growing compassion towards Edith, and as the two spend more time together he grows fond of her. However, he can’t figure out whether his feelings are of pity or true love, and in his attempt at doing the right thing he gets ever more entangled in promises, lies, and responsibility towards the Løvenskjold family and to Edith.

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The Cake Dynasty

The Cake Dynasty

  • Satirical Drama / 103 min / Denmark / 2022

The story revolves around a cake factory on the verge of bankruptcy. Therefore, the owner, Niels Agger, tries to commit suicide. As the attempt remains unsuccessful, he ends up having a major depression. His wife Else tries to save the factory by asking her daughter and son-in-law, June and Jonny, for help. They have both attended business school and propose a comprehensive modernisation focusing on the production of healthy cakes. Niels cannot cope with these new ideas and instead falls in love with the factory's new cleaning lady, Zeinab.

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Screenings in Gothenburg IFF / NFM

Gothenburg IFF

Exodus (Nordic Competition)

(World Premiere)
Friday, January 27th 6pm CET at Draken, 101
Saturday, January 28th - 3:30pm CET at Göta 1, 223

The Cake Dynasty (Nordic Light)

(Swedish premiere)
Saturday, January 28th - 8:15pm CET at Capitol, 4035
Sunday, January 29th - 8:30pm CET at Stora Teatern, 355
Tuesday, January 31st - 9:45am CET at Draken, 501

Four Little Adults (Nordic Competition)

(Nordic Premiere)
Wednesday, February 1st - 5:30pm CET at Draken, 626
Thursday, February 2nd - 2:30pm CET at Bio Roy, 4029
Saturday, February 4th - 9:45am CET at Biopalatset 1, 904
Sunday, February 5th - 1pm CET at Biopalatset 1, 1025

The Kiss (Gala)

(Nordic Premiere)
Thursday, February 2nd - 5:30pm CET at Biopalatset 6, 732
Friday, February 3rd - 2:45pm CET at Draken, 816
Saturday, February 4th - 12:15pm CET at Biopalatset 1, 913


Market Screenings

Thursday, February 2nd - 16:45pm CET in BIOP 10
Saturday, February 4th - 11:00am CET in BIOP 2

Thursday, February 2nd - 2pm CET in BIOP 10
Saturday, February 4th - 1:15pm CET in BIOP 3

Friday, February 3rd - 11:15am CET in BIOP 9

Work-in-Progress Presentations at NFM

Friday, February 3rd - between 1:30pm - 3:20pm CET in BIOP 10

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