• Drama / 110 min / Denmark / 2022

Period drama set in Denmark in 1913 where Anton, a noble and conscientious young man whose top priority, is to complete his training as a cavalry officer. During a training session he orders his platoon to help Baron von Løvenskjold and finds himself invited to a ball at the castle where he meets the Baron’s beautiful daughter Edith who has been in an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. She is miserable but lights up when it turns out that Anton treats her as if she was like the rest of the guests and not bound to a wheelchair. Anton feels a growing compassion towards Edith, and as the two spend more time together he grows fond of her. However, he can’t figure out whether his feelings are of pity or true love, and in his attempt at doing the right thing he gets ever more entangled in promises, lies, and responsibility towards the Løvenskjold family and to Edith.


The Kiss at festivals

European Film Festival, Lebanon
Film by the Sea International Film Festival, The Netherlands
Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival, Spain
International Film festival Film by the Sea, The Netherlands
BIF&ST - Bari International Film Festival, Italy
Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden

Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
The Kiss

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The Kiss