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Sami Blood – the success continues!
Read more about Sami Blood – the success continues! here
June 13th 2017

Sami Blood – the success continues!

Sami Blood continues to impress audiences, buyers, festivals and film critics all over the world.


After almost a year of successful festival participation and a numerous awards, the film opened across Sweden on March 3rd 2017, and has been a huge box office hit with close to 170.000 admissions in 313 cinemas. It has received 5 out of 5 stars from Swedish film critics, while also being listed as the top two “film to watch” - only surpassed by this years Oscar-winner Moonlight.


Having been acquired for more than 150 countries, the film will soon open in cinemas all over the world. One of the first to release the film was ABC Cinemien who opened across The Netherlands on the 11th of May and has reached a box office of nearly €102.000 with over 15.000 admissions. Last week the film opened in United States and has received a warm welcome from film critics at major daily papers and trades such as NY Times, Rotten Tomatoes, The Village Voice and IndieWire, praising Amanda Kernell’s talent as a first-time director and the lead actress Lene Cecilia Sparrok for a courageous and compelling performance.


Last night Sami Blood took home the Grand Jury Prize and Best Actress Award at Seattle film festival! The jury chose the film as its main festival winner “for its beautifully nuanced and spare portrayal of the struggle to discover who you are, both because of and in spite of where you are from.” They also praised the inclusion of the Scandinavian setting’s rarely seen culture. Read the Variery coverage here


Amanda Kernell was recently listed as one of the top ten most prominent female directors in ‘Europe! Voices of Women in Film’. She has previously won the Fedeora Award for Best Debut Director at Venice Days and received an award for Best Director at Riviera International Film Festival this month. Lene Cecilia Sparrok has additionally received several awards for Best Actress.


Since its World Premiere at Venice Days the film has had a fantastic festival life, competing in more than 20 festivals all over the world, including Sundance, Toronto and Berlin. The film has brought back numerous awards, amongst others the prestigious Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film at Venice Days and the worlds biggest price ‘The Dragon Award’ for Best Nordic Film at Göteborg Film Festival. Last month the film took home the audience award at Riviera International Film Festival, as well as Foreign Film Audience Award" at Newport Beach Film Festival.


Check out the complete list of festival participation and awards for Sami Blood here.

Klump in competition at Annecy
Read more about Klump in competition at Annecy here
June 13th 2017

Klump in competition at Annecy

3D family animation Rasmus Klump has been selected for competition at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the world's top reference for animation films, where it will be screening as part of the ‘TV Films in Competition 1 section. Info about screening times and tickets here


Directed by Johannes Weiland, Paul Cichon, Michael Bohnenstingl the series tells the stories of Klump and his friends traveling the world on their good ship Mary encountering interesting creatures, fascinating locations and challenging tasks.


Based on the best-selling books series, with more than 32 million copies sold to date, Klump has been described as “Indiana Jones for kids” and is one of Denmark’s all-time top literary exports published by Egmont Publishing.


Klump is produced by Carsten Bunte from Studio and Lars Sylvest from Mondrian Entertainment in collaboration with ZDF and Egmont Publishing.

Cloudboy at Münich Film Festival
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June 13th 2017

Cloudboy at Münich Film Festival

Family adventure film Cloudboy has been selected for competition at Filmfest München next month, where it will also celebrate its German premiere. The film will be screening in the Kinderfilmfest section.


Directed by Meikeminne Clinckspoor Cloudboy revolves around the 12-year old Belgian city boy Niilas, who is sent to stay with his mother in Swedish Lapland, amongst the reindeer-hearding Sami folk. Nillas wants to return to Belgium and turns his back on his Swedish family, but when a reindeer goes missing, he joins in the search together with his 11-year old sister, taking him on a journey in the magical world of the woods, and against all odds he experiences the most adventurous summer of his life.


Cloudboy will be screened on July 26th (3:00 pm) and July 27th (9:00 am).


The film is produced by Katleen Goossens for Bulletproof Cupid in coproduction with Sabine Veenendaal (Submarine Film – NL) and Olle Wirenhed (Götafilm International – SE). The film was released domestically on the 5th of April 2017 by Jekino.


More info and tickets here.

Shanghai International Film Festival - Lineup
Read more about Shanghai International Film Festival - Lineup here
June 13th 2017

Shanghai International Film Festival - Lineup

The Finnish action drama – borderline modern western - Law of the Land has been selected for Shanghai International Film Festival commencing on Saturday, along with Czech 3D animation Oddsockeaters and the renowned Danish drama 37. All three films will be screening as part of the Panorama programme.


Law of the Land centers on the retiring police officer Lasse, who gets caught up in between his biological and illegitimate sons trying to kill each other. While the village is left in a state of vengeance, Lasse must face his past mistakes. In Oddsockeaters we get introduced to the world of small and invisible sock thieves. Finally, 37 takes us back to 1964 when Kitty Genovese was stabbed 17 times and later raped by her killer - with 37 of her neighbors as witnesses. No one intervened.


For sales contact President of Sales Derek Lui ([email protected]). For festival info contact Media Manager Niklas Teng ([email protected])


Law of The Land screenings: 

June 19th at 18:30 in Palace Cinema (Sincere Plalza), Hall 1

June 21st at 18:30 in SFC Nextage Film Art Center, Hall 2

June 24th at 18:30 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hall 3


Oddsockeaters screenings: 

June 17th at 10:30 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hall 2

June 185h at 15:45 in Jiading Cinema, Hall 3

June 24th at 13:30 in DuoYunXuan Dolby Atmos Cinema, Hall 2

June 25th at 15:45 in Link International Movie City, Hall 7


37 screenings: 

June 175h at 20:45 in Palace Cinema (iapm Mall), Hall 6

June 19th at 20:45 in Broadway Cinema (PowerLong Plaza), Luxe

June 21st at 20:45 in Shanghai BeoShan WanDa Cinemas, Hall 10


More info about the screenings here