• Drama / 110 min / Sweden / 2016

Elle Marja, 14, is a reindeer-herding Sámi girl. Exposed to the racism of the 1930's and race biology examinations at her boarding school she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.


Sami Blood at festivals

Centro Cultural Malaposta, Portugal

Leeds International Film Festival, UK

Nordic Bridge Film Festival, Brazil

EU Human Rights Film Days, Turkey
Peoples' Festival Présence Autochtone, Canada
Scandinavian Film Week, México
Forteca International Film Festival, Montenegro
Women's International Film Festival, Pakistan

Kindred People Film Festival, Estonia
Rec Festival, Spain
Nordic Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel
MICAR Festival, Portugal
The Young and Film, Poland
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, Brazil
China Womens Film Festival, Hong Kong

Cinergia Film Festival, Poland
Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival, Norway
Beyond Frozen Point Film Festival, China
Leeds International Film Festival, UK
Newport Beach Film Festival, US
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, US
Osnabrük Film Festival, Germany
Seattle International Film Festival, US
International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino, Poland
Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey
Wisconsin Film Festival, US
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
Duhok International Film Festival, Irak
Riviera International Film Festival, Italy
Zlin Film Festival, Czech Rep.
Titanic International Film Festival, Hungary
Site du Festival de Films de Femmes de Créteil, France
Stockfish Film Festival, Iceland
Bengaluru International Film Festival, India
Luxembourg City Film Festival, Luxembourg
Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
Santa Barbara International Film Festival, US
Sundance Film Festival, US

Dubai International Film Festival, United Emirates
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan
Hamburg Film Festival, Germany
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
Venice Days, Italy

Audience Award, Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival
Audience Award, Newport Beach Film Festival
Best Youth Film, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Marcin Award for Best Feature Film for Youth, International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino
Teenager Panorama Award, Taipei Film Festival
Valhalla Award, Nordic Cinema Competition, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Yilmaz Guney Award for the Best Feature Film, Duhok International Film Festival
Best Director (Amanda Kernell), Riviera International Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize + Best Actress (Lene Cecilia Sparrok) - Seattle IFF
Special Recognition - Zlin Film Festival
Best Film - Titanic International Film Festival
LUX Prize, EU
Audience Award for Best Full-length Feature Film - Festival de Films de Femmes Créteil
Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film + Sven Nykvist Cinematography Award (Sophia Olsson) - Gothenburg International Film Festival
Human Values Award - Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Youth Jury Award - Luxembourg City Film Festival
Special Jury Prize + Best Actress (Lene Cecilia Sparrok) - Tokyo International Film Festival
Special Mention (Lene Cecilia Spark) - Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film + Fedeora Award for Best Debut Director (Amanda Kernell) - Venice Days
Sami Blood

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Sami Blood