• Drama / 110 min / Sweden / 2018

Welcome to Lafors! A small Swedish community in desperate need of a fresh start. Hope rises when the German low-cost superstore Superbilly is considering setting up business in the area. 500 new jobs, that would change everything! Musse at the local government office gets the honour to make the commercial that will be selling Lafors. But Aida and Dana pick up the fight and turn their mobiles and selfiesticks towards everyone that isn't allowed to take part in the commercial. The battle of who has the right to tell the story of Lafors has begun.


Amateurs at festivals

Nordic Bridge Film Festival, Brazil

Europe on Screen, Indonesia
Opgedoekt - Pop Up Cinema, Netherlands

Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth, India
Una Finestra sul Nord, Italy
Mill Valley Film Festival, US
Gimli Film Festival, Canada
Cinemagic, Northern Ireland
Kaliningrad International Film Festival, Russia
Chicago European Union Film Festival, US
Portland International Film Festival, US
Outfest Fusion, US
Available Light Film Festival, Canada

AFI Fest, US
SEOUL International Women's Film Festival, South Korea
Scandinavian Film Festival, Australia
China Women's Film Festival, China
International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany
Calgary International Film Festival, Canada
CPH PIX, Denmark
Crested Butte Film Festival, US
Carbonia Film Festival, Italy
Osnabrück Film Festival, Germany
Flyway Film Festival, US
Nordic Film Festival, Israel
Scottsdale Film Festival, US
Noordelijk Film Festival, Netherlands
Traverse City Film Festival, US
Aegean Film Festival, Greece
Transatlantyk Festival, Poland
Filmfest Münich, Germany
Seattle International Film Festival, US
European Film Festival, South Africa
Tribeca Film Festival, US
Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

Awards 2018:
Best Film - Carbonia Film Festival
Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film + Angelo Award - Gothenburg Film Festival

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