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Shanghai International Film Festival - Lineup
Read more about Law of the Land here
June 13th 2017

Shanghai International Film Festival - Lineup

The Finnish action drama – borderline modern western - Law of the Land has been selected for Shanghai International Film Festival commencing on Saturday, along with Czech 3D animation Oddsockeaters and the renowned Danish drama 37. All three films will be screening as part of the Panorama programme.


Law of the Land centers on the retiring police officer Lasse, who gets caught up in between his biological and illegitimate sons trying to kill each other. While the village is left in a state of vengeance, Lasse must face his past mistakes. In Oddsockeaters we get introduced to the world of small and invisible sock thieves. Finally, 37 takes us back to 1964 when Kitty Genovese was stabbed 17 times and later raped by her killer - with 37 of her neighbors as witnesses. No one intervened.


For sales contact President of Sales Derek Lui ([email protected]). For festival info contact Media Manager Niklas Teng ([email protected])


Law of The Land screenings: 

June 19th at 18:30 in Palace Cinema (Sincere Plalza), Hall 1

June 21st at 18:30 in SFC Nextage Film Art Center, Hall 2

June 24th at 18:30 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hall 3


Oddsockeaters screenings: 

June 17th at 10:30 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hall 2

June 185h at 15:45 in Jiading Cinema, Hall 3

June 24th at 13:30 in DuoYunXuan Dolby Atmos Cinema, Hall 2

June 25th at 15:45 in Link International Movie City, Hall 7


37 screenings: 

June 175h at 20:45 in Palace Cinema (iapm Mall), Hall 6

June 19th at 20:45 in Broadway Cinema (PowerLong Plaza), Luxe

June 21st at 20:45 in Shanghai BeoShan WanDa Cinemas, Hall 10


More info about the screenings here