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September 8th 2017




By Susan G. Cole

This improbable story of half-sisters who reconnect works because of its strong performances and the way director Bergroth keeps ratcheting up the tension.

When Anna’s (Sonja Kuittinen) father dies, she finds her half-sister Angela (Krista Kosonen), who works as an exotic dancer. Angela’s having issues with the other dancers, so she invites Anna to go out on the road with her to perform.

Problem is, Angela owes money and her not-nice loan sharks are on her tail. The improbable part comes when sheltered Anna turns into a master of disguises and an expert extortionist – overnight.

But the acting, especially from ­Kuittinen, is so strong that you find yourself caring deeply about the characters.

Published in NowToronto on August 31 2017