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LevelK hunts down Hot Docs selection 'On the Other Side'
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March 24th 2021

LevelK hunts down Hot Docs selection 'On the Other Side'

Copenhagen-based sales and aggregation outfit LevelK has acquired world sales rights for the Colombian documentary feature On the Other Side, selected for Hot Docs, about two brothers’ search for the FARC guerrillas who kept their mother hostage for 2 years.

On the Other Side, directed by first time director Iván Guarnizo, is a very personal story about finding and trying to understand the people who captured his mother and who held her hostage for two years in the Colombian jungle.

Before her death Iván’s mother forgave her kidnappers, which made the two brothers wonder if they could also forgive, if they could find and talk to the guerrillas who guarded her. With the help of the diary that she had been allowed to write during her capture they locate places, decipher names and begin a journey through the jungles and mountains following the trail of their mother’s pain, but also the path to forgiveness.

Director Guarnizo comments: “The peace agreement reached with the FARC guerrilla [is] an historic step to achieve real peace in Colombia. However real peace is a process, something we have to achieve between all of us. I do believe that it is very important to get to know the other side; that side that has always been pictured as delinquents, thugs or even demons. That side that has fought the state and, in that fight, ended up attacking, killing and kidnapping civilians. My mom showed me a lesson when she told me she had forgiven them. I’m not saying that each victim has to follow the same path but I think that precisely that path brings true reconciliation.”

The film is produced by 2021 Emerging Producers selectee Jorge Caballero for Barcelona/Bogotá outfit Gusano Films, together with Pablo de la Chica (‘The Other Kids’) for Salon Indien Films and RTVC Play Colombia. On the Other Sidereceived funding from FDC Colombia, IDFA Bertha Fund and Tribeca Film Institute. Read the Business Doc Europe exclusive here.