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September 4th 2023

LevelK Boards Danish 3D Animation ‘Mumbo Jumbo’

International sales and aggregation company LevelK has boarded Danish 3D animation “Mumbo Jumbo.”

The project, which has kicked off its pre-production phase, is based on the beloved children’s book by Jakob Martin Strid (“The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear”). It will be written and directed by Karsten Kiilerich (“Up and Away,” “The Ugly Duckling & Me”) and produced by Anders Mastrup (“Checkered Ninja,” “The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear”) for A. Film Production.

When Mumbo Jumbo magically grows to giant size, he has to go on a dangerous journey with his three friends, to find the scary witch Baba Yaga so she can turn him small again. It is an adventurous journey which might make Mumbo Jumbo small again, but a whole lot bigger on the inside.

A. Film Production is one of Scandinavia’s most prolific animation companies with their CGI and classically animated feature films and TV series having found appreciative audiences over the past 30 years around the world. The company is behind films including “Niko & the Way to the Stars,” “Checkered Ninja,” “The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear,” “Up and Away,” “The Ugly Duckling & Me” and “Asterix and the Vikings.”

Kiilerich said: “When working with animation what I most enjoy is bringing life to illustrated characters, and when the story is presenting such a fabulous gallery of entertaining characters it’s a win-win situation. Another thing I enjoy about Mumbo´s adventure is the quirky and unforeseeable story, which derives from an imaginative and original book.” Read the full Variety exclusive here.