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Czech / Latvian co-production "The Pack" started shooting
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August 1st 2019

Czech / Latvian co-production "The Pack" started shooting

The highly anticipated coming of age drama Smečka / The Pack, directed by first-time Czech director Tomáš Polenský, started shooting in Zlín on 24 July 2019. The film is set in the world of ice-hockey, where the hero becomes a target of tough bullying. Copenhagen-based LevelK has already acquired world sales rights.

“We are thrilled that LevelK acquired the rights for The Pack already at the script stage”, Julietta Sichel from 8Heads Productions told FNE.

Prague-based 8Heads Productions is producing in coproduction with Latvia’s EgoMedia, Moss &Roy, IS Produkce, Sleepwalker and Magiclab from Czech Republic. The budget is 1 m EUR.

Published on Film New Europe on July 30th. Read the entire exclusive here.