• Documentary / 81 min / Denmark / 2016

Their life looks like that of so many others: Kristian and Mette Line met 12 years ago. They fell in love, travelled, and focused on their careers. Later ”you and me” became a family when they had their children, Celeste and Cyron. Two years ago they bought their dream house in Kgs. Lyngby where they were supposed to live out their many dreams and ideas about life. But one day, 39-year-old Kristian collapses from a blood clot that destroys one third of his brain. The damage is irreversible, and life as they know it comes to an abrupt end.
Kristian spends the first year in intense rehabilitation so he can move back home. Mette Line supports him, remodels the house to accommodate Kristian’s new needs, takes care of the children and goes to work. At the same time, she struggles to recognise the man she married, because the brain injury has changed Kristian. And who are "we" when one of us is no longer there?
WHO WE WERE follows the young family during the first year after the fateful accident and is a portrait of love in the face of catastrophe.


Who We Were at festivals

Schwandorf Documentary Week, Germany
Kortfilmfestivalen, Norway
Docs Against Gravity, Poland
One World Human Rights Film Festival, Czech Rep.
Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden

IDFA, Netherlands

Best First Appearance (Sine Skibsholt) - IDFA
Who We Were

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Who We Were