• Drama / 105 min, 180 min / Australia / 2013

Vic Lang is the enigmatic central character in Tim Winton’s The Turning. At the age of 12, Vic moved with his parents to the coastal town of Angelus. His childhood was consumed by passionate obsessions, a pattern that continued into adulthood. He grew fixated on ideas of right and wrong, physical things such as rifles, and people, such as the girl with the missing ring finger or the girl with a large red birthmark on her face. As an adult, Vic became obsessed with revisiting moments from his past. Much of Vic’s obsession with the past came from his complicated history with his father, who abandoned Vic and his mother without a word of explanation. After high school, Vic moved back to the city with his mother and studied industrial law, during which time he met Gail, whom he married. His inability to let go of the past, saw his marriage suffer, and, when his mother grew ill, sent him in search of his father.

The Turning takes the audience on a journey through Vic’s life, with an astounding ensemble of actors and directors capturing each facet, including Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Rose Byrne, Miranda Otto, Richard Roxborough, Warwick Thornton, Mia Wasikowska, Justin Kurzel and Robert Connolly.


The Turning at festivals

Art Fest Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Hola AUNZ Film Festival, Mexico

CPH:PIX, Denmark
BFI - London Film Festival, UK
Seattle International Film Festival, US
Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany

Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
The Turning

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The Turning