• Drama / 91 min / Sweden, Malta / 2023

After a decade in exile, Dimman arrives in Malta just in time for the wedding of his former best friend and business partner, Fredrik. Fredrik and his wife-to-be, Sara, who are both part of the huge Swedish online gaming community, in Malta, are taken aback – Dimman isn’t even on their guest list. Yet Dimman has come to apologize for vanishing ten years earlier, leaving Fredrik to clean up after their business collapsed. Fredrik has no interest in forgiving Dimman. Disgraced and anxious, Dimman is offered a job by his sugar mama, Kicki. She wants Dimman to keep tabs on Krumm, an investigator from the Swedish tax authority who’s snooping around the island’s Swedish ex-pat community. Dimman is torn between shadowing Krumm and courting Fredrik, between the romantic idea of a resumed friendship and the cynical insight of permanent exile. In his pursuit of redemption, Dimman finds himself on a manic wild goose chase, paved with lies, deceit and bloody murder.


Shame on Dry Land at festivals

Europa! Europa, Australia
Palm Springs International FIlm Festival, US

Goa - International Film Festival of India, India
Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden
BFI London Film Festival, UK
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
Shame on Dry Land

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Shame on Dry Land