• Documentary / 78 min, 58 min / Denmark / 2019

Jan Grarup lives a life in a state of emergency: As a war photographer, he often risks his life, while he back home in Copenhagen is a father of four. He suddenly finds himself the sole parent when his ex-wife falls seriously ill with cancer.
His work in the urban warzone of Mosul, where Jan Grarup follows the advance of the Iraqi forces against Islamic State, must be balanced with his life as a father and sole provider. Jan has to rebuild the trust of his children after many years of living a fleeting lifestyle, but he still wishes to be the best war photographer in the world.
But how do IEDs and snipers fit into being responsible for four children? And being an ordinary family? Photographer of War is a psychological portrait of a man that has documented the horrors of war for 25 years, but who suddenly has to face a new, internal struggle.


Photographer of War at festivals

Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival, Greece
Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival, Belarus

Chania Film Festival, Greece
Riga International Film Festival, Latvia
DocsMX, Mexico
DA2 - Zagreb Design, Art & Architecture Film Festival, Croatia
Human rights Film Festival Berlin, Germany
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, Japan
Visions du Réel, Switzerland
Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland
Shanghai International Film Festival, China
Krakow Film Festival, Poland
One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Rep.
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece (online)
Nordic Screen Cultures Oslo, Norway

Movies on War Film Festival, Norway
Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Germany
DOK Leipzig, Germany
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Nordisk Panorama, Sweden

Audience Award - Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival
Photographer of War

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Photographer of War