• Family / 81 min / Poland / 2017

Friendship is no piece of cake, which Julka knows all too well. The twelve-year-old is in a boarding school and has never had a real friend. Summer comes, and with it begin problems. Instead of joining her parents, who work in Canada, Julka ends up at her aunt’s in Warsaw. There she meets Olek, a boy who lives next door. Their adventure begins when a treasure map falls into their hands. In their way to solve the mystery stand a gang of thieves, a chain-smoking babysitter, and a mysterious candy-eater. They race against the clock, and the mystery becomes even more muddled when it turns out that nobody really is who they claim to be. If she wants this story to end well for her, Julka must overcome her distrust and find the courage to make a friendship.

Double Trouble

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