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LevelK at AFM: English catalogue titles

Dear Friends,

With the American Film Market (AFM) coming up, we would like to highlight some of our English language catalogue titles. Below are some strong English language genre titles that are still available for certain territories, please contact us for further information. Feel free to get inspired by the selection below.



BELLBIRD is a tender, funny and profound New Zealand drama, about a widower and his estranged son, trying to come to teams with their loss of a mother and wife, while still trying to get through the day. Read Screen's great review and learn more about the film here.
Cast includes: Cohen Holloway ("Hunt for the Wilderpeople"), Rachel House ("Thor: Ragnarok", "Hunt for the Wilderpeople")
Festivals includes: Sydney IFF, Chicago IFF, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

BUTTERFLY TREE is a seductive and powerful story of a father and son who competes for the affection and attention of the same woman, while attempting to mend their strenuous relationship. Read some of the great reviews from Variety and Screen and learn more about the film here.
Cast includes: Melissa George ("Mulholland Drive" "Gray's Anatomy"), Ewen Leslie ("Peter Rabbit" "Rake"), Ed Oxenbould ("Wildlife")
Festivals includes: TIFF, Edinburgh IFF, MIFF

CELESTE is a beautiful and intense drama centering around a celebrated opera diva who retired early from the stage, but now, 10 years after the tragic death of her husband she prepares for one final performance. Read Screen's great review and learn more about the film here.
Cast includes: Radha Mitchell ("Melinda & Melinda", "Silent Hill"), Odessa Young ("Assassination Nation", "The Daughter")
Festivals includes: BFI - London Film Festival, Santa Barbara IFF, Mallorca IFF

SLEEPWALKER portrays a family dealing with relationship patterns and perception of reality. Two sisters and their husbands reconnect, but cannot seem to let go of the past, and when one character goes missing, tension races even further. Learn more about the film here.
Cast includes: Christopher Abbott ("Vox Lux", "It comes at Night"), Brady Corbet ("Melancholia" "Force Majeure")
Festivals includes: Sundance Film Festival, First Time Filmmakers Festival in NYC



CUTTERHEAD a truly riveting and claustrophobic thriller telling the story of a young journalist getting trapped in a pressure chamber while visiting the new metro build in Copenhagen and thus has to fight for her life. Read more about the film here.
Cast includes: Christine Sønderris ("The Rain")
Festivals includes: Busan IFF, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Luxembourg IFF

WISH YOU WERE HERE gives a lovely holiday story a mysterious twist, when four friends go to Cambodia for a fun and carefree vacation, but only three return. Read more about the film here.
Cast includes: Felicity Price ("Bad Girl", "Wolf Creek"), Joel Edgerton ("Boy Rased", "The Great Gatsby"), Teresa Palmer ("Hacksaw Ridge")
Festivals includes: Sundance Film Festival, Hong Kong IFF, BFI - London Film Festival



BEST MAN DOWN is the fun and morbid tale about two newlyweds who are forced to cut their honeymoon short and go on quite an adventure, when the best man dies at their destination wedding and they have to bring his body back home. Read more about the film here.
Cast includes: Justin Long ("Die Hard 4.0", "Dodgeball"), Frances O'Connor ("Artificial Intelligence: A.I." "Mansfield Park"), Shelley Long ("Cheers")
Festivals includes: Hamptons IFF, Twin Cities Film Fest, Catalina Film Fest

NOT ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING hilariously conveys the challenges of a young writer having difficulties finishing her new book and top her previous debut success. To help her get rid of her writer's block, her editor does his best to give her what all successful writers need…a miserable life. Read more about the film here.
Cast includes: Karen Gillan ("The Big Short", "Guardians of The Galaxy"), Amy Manson ("Once Upon a Time"), Kate Dickie ("The VVitch")
Festivals includes: Busan IFF, Edinburgh IFF, San Diego Film Festival

STANDING UP FOR SUNNY is the heart-warming story about a self-isolated recluse guy with low-grade cerebral palsy, who falls in love with a shy aspiring comedian and enters the world of stand-up. Read The Curb's great review or learn more about the film here.
Cast includes: RJ Mitte ("Breaking Bad") Sam Reid ("Serena"), Barry Humphries ("The Dame Edna Experience", "Finding Nemo"), Felix Williamson ("The Great Gatsby")
Festivals includes: Sydney IFF, CinefestOZ Film Festival

LevelK will not be attending AFM, but for information on all of these titles contact our Sales & Acquisitions Managers Lauren Valmadre and Debra Liang.

Contact info:
Lauren Valmadre Sales & Acquisitions Manager - [email protected] (+45 3113 9878)
Debra Liang Sales & Acquisitions Manager - [email protected] (+45 3118 6209)


Best regards,
The LevelK Team

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AFM: English catalogue titles line-up



  • Drama / 95 min / New Zealand / 2019

In the wake of the loss of his beloved wife, a rural community rallies around a farmer to help him deal with his grief.

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The Butterfly Tree

The Butterfly Tree

  • Drama / 97 min / Australia / 2017

Evelyn, a burlesque queen, bewitches single dad Al and his teenage son Fin with her zest for life. A seductive and heart-warming story about grief and selfless love. Starring Melissa George.

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  • Drama / 98 min / Australia / 2018

On a crumbling estate in the lush Australian rainforest, Celeste (Radha Mitchell), a once-celebrated Opera diva prepares for one final performance. After retiring from the stage following the tragic death of her husband 10 years ago, she is reunited with her husband’s son Jack (Thomas Cocquerel) who is still haunted by the past.

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The Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker

  • Psychological Drama / 92 min / Norway / USA / 2013

The lives of young couple, Kaia and Andrew, are violently disrupted upon the unexpected arrival of Kaia's sister, Christine, and her fiancé, Ira.

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  • Survival / 84 min / Denmark / 2018

A young female journalist is visiting the Copenhagen Metro construction to portray the European cooperation when an accident occurs. She is blocked in a pressure chamber alongside Croatian Ivo and Bharan from Eritrea. Despite radically different world-views, they must put their lives and bodies in each other's hands to survive.

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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

  • Drama / 93 min / Australia / 2012

Four friends lose themselves in the fun of a carefree South East Asian holiday. Only three return home.

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Best Man Down

Best Man Down

  • Drama/comedy / 87 min / USA / 2012

How well do we really know our oldest friends? What if you were remembered for one decision, one act, one moment in your life ...

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Not Another Happy Ending

Not Another Happy Ending

  • Romantic Comedy / 102 min / UK / 2012

When a struggling publisher discovers his only successful author is blocked he knows he has to unblock her or he's finished. With her newfound success, she's become too damn happy and she can't write when she's happy. The only trouble is, the worse he makes her feel, the more he realises he is in love with her...

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Standing Up for Sunny

Standing Up for Sunny

  • Comedy / 99 min / Australia / 2019

When Travis, a self-isolated recluse with low-grade cerebral palsy, meets the shy aspiring comedienne Sunny, his mundane existence is turned upside down. Travis finds himself thrust into the world of stand-up comedy, in love and completely out of his comfort zone.

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