• Mini Series / 2x55 min / Finland / 2009

The first thing that suffers in -forest war- is the truth and ecology.

A Tv-mini series on the -forest war- in Finnish Lapland. Nella, a rootless Finnish lady in her thirties and an assistant of a Finnish MEP in Brussels is assigned by her boss to travel to the Finnish Lapland to make a report of the dispute concerning the last old forests of Europe.
A state owned Forest giant is cutting the forests down providing work for local Finnish loggers. Greenpeace has allied with native Lapps and has stopped the cuttings. Loggers are furious. The dispute is not only between two ways of supporting oneself but also between the natives and the Finns and between ecology and old fashion industry. Or at least this is how Nella sees the situation before understanding that there are no simple truths especially when all the parties are lying.

The Beginning of the End

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