• TBC / 98 min / Netherlands / 2023

During the waning days of the colonial era on a remote Indonesian island, Dutch sugar factory owner Jan and his wife, Agathe, are at the top of the food chain, until disaster strikes. After an exuberant feast, Jan returns from his nightly visit to his native concubine, Siti, to drop dead in front of his indifferent wife.
Desperate to keep the privileges of her status quo, Agathe secretly disposes of her husband’s body and forces her son Cornelis to travel from Europe and take over the family business. With him, Cornelis brings his somewhat spoiled and very pregnant wife Josefien, along with progressive ideas for the plantation and factory workers.
When Jan’s will reveals that the family estate is to be inherited by Karel, his ten-year-old illegitimate son with Siti, tensions arise.

As the old colonial world collapses to the forces of change, ideals prove to be idle and blood thicker than water.

Following her debut Take Me Somewhere Nice (IFFR Special Jury Award / Cannes ACID) & IMPORT (short - Cannes Quinzaine) Ena Sendijarević blends unforgiving satire with lavish aesthetics in a game of cat and mouse that documents the tragic and delicious demise of European Colonialism.