• Drama / 104 min / Estonia / 2013

How to live knowing that you might never know joy in day-to-day life? That you will never know the true pride from your work? That there is no meaning, no goal, no hope for improvement? That life will continue and you have to get used to it and also to the idea that it might go on for a long time and, worst of all, it is almost impossible to put up with it in a dignified way?
I am referring to shoddy housing, meager food, poverty and the extensive coarseness below and stolid indifference above, and to the dreadful machinery that minces its way through the lives of most of us, evermore efficient, ceasing little by little to even pretend that this is not our murder, packed and sold to us in variable forms. Where should we head to, cattle for slaughter, and how is it possible to participate in all this, without losing our humanity and the last bits of our lust for life?
Fred (29), an aspiring writer, is thrust into the middle of these questions – his girlfriend Susanna (23) is pregnant and intends to keep the baby.


Free Range at festivals

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
Minsk International Film Festival, Belarus
Sevilla International Film Festival, Spain
International Film Festival Tofifest, Poland
Kinoshock Film Festival, Russia
Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland
Cambridge International Film Festival, UK
Montreal World Film Festival, Canada
Recontres cinema de Gindou, France
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel
European Film Festival Palic, Serbia
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Rep.
Pesaro International Film Festival, Italy
Art Film Fest International Film Festival, Slovakia
East End Film Festival, UK
Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland
Lima Independent Film Festival, Peru
Seattle International Film Festival, US
Grenzlandfilmtage Film Festival, Germany
Skopje Film Festival, Macedonia
CPH:PIX, Denmark
goEast Film Festival, Germany
Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania
Estonian Film Days, Hungary
Mamers en Mars European Film Festival, France
Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe, France
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
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